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The 7 Most Important Things You Can Do With Social Listening

Social Listening refers to analyzing the conversations and trends happening not just around your brand, but around your industry as a whole as well as competitors, and using those insights to make informed decisions.

Social listening helps you understand why, where and how these conversations are happening, and what people think — not just when they’re tagging or mentioning your brand.

This helps you form future campaigns, improve content strategy and messaging, outpace your competition, construct an effective influencer program and even build more impactful brand partnerships.

The 7 Most Important Things You Can With Social Listening

1. Protect Brand Health - Understand the public perception of your brand and your share of voice vs. that of your competitors.

2. Boost Campaign Performance - Apply the available wealth of social insights to fuel top performing campaigns and marketing strategies.

3. Improve Crisis Management - Track emerging issues in real-time to understand your exposure to risk before they damage your brand.

4. Product Launch and Innovation - Customer insights drive business results; and strategic brands use customer experience analytics for a keener focus on customer needs and evolving market trends. To grow market share and drive revenue, these brands rely on customer experience insights to influence strategy, product portfolio management, and new product developments.

5. Lower Customer Care Costs - Social care is continually growing as the preferred channel of today’s consumer, with almost 30% of social media users preferring social care to phoning customer service. Organizations that invest in social care save money and increase customer satisfaction.

6. Increase Customer Acquisition - As consumers shift their attention increasingly to social media, competing for their attention grows increasingly difficult. Use social media analytics to develop an in-depth profile of your target consumer to focus your time, effort, and money to achieve your acquisition goals.

7. Influencer Marketing - Nothing is as effective and economical in acquiring new clients as word of mouth, with 74% of consumers identifying word-of-mouth as a key influencer in their purchasing decisions. Cogent’s social listening analyst team identifies your most passionate brand advocates to extend your reach and influence others to act.

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